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Showtec Showmaster 48 MKII


48 Multifunctional channel faders,• Up to 96 Scenes / Chases with max 999 steps
Midi In & Out,Remote black out/full on possibility

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The Showmaster 48 MKII is the bigger brother of the “normal” Showmaster: with 48 channels instead of 24! The Showmaster 48 MKII is a 2-banks 24 fader, 1-bank 48 fader mixing console. The Showmaster 48 MKII controls DMX and has also the capability to be used with MIDI protocol to allow real-time programs. The Showmaster 48 MKII controls 2×24 channels (single bank) or 48 channels. The Showmaster 48 MKII can program 96 scenes or chases of 999 steps or a loop with a total of 23976 steps. Programs can be run automatically or by external or internal music input. It is also possible to control your lightshow by the built-in MIDI-interface to allow a real-time live-show to your music.

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος 6.2 kg
DMX Κανάλια

Αριθμός Προγραμμάτων


Speed Time

Fade Time

Black Out

Είσοδος Audio

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