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Showtec Dragon 2000


The Dragon 2000 contains a 2000W heater which can produce a thick layer of smoke on any stage or in any venue. For full control it can be used on DMX. For standalone use a wired time-remote control is included which allows you to set the output, duration and interval of your fog. By selecting the right fog-liquid you can choose the right effect for your event or gig. The Dragon 2000 works with any water-based fog liquid. For optimal results we recommend to use original Showtec fluids. A liquid indicator in combination with coloured LEDs at the side of the machine shows you the status of the machine as well as the liquid level.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 61103 Κατηγορία:


Power Supply: 240VAC / 50Hz
Heater: 2000W
Output: 40000 cu.Ft/min
First Heat op time: 6 minutes
Tank Capacity: 2,5 liter
Fluid Consumption: 1L / 8 min. (full output)
Include Remote: Wired Timer Remote
Remote Connection: 5 Pole Din
Cable Length Remote: 5 meter
DMX-512: 1 Channel
DMX Connector: 3 Pole XLR in-and out
DMX Setting: By menu in display
Power Input: IEC
Dimensions: 455 x 262 x 210 mm
Weight: 7,8 kg

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Βάρος 7.8 kg

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