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Dap-Audio GIG-1000CFX(Discontinued )



Κονσόλα 6 μικροφώνων 4 stereo,effect with 100 presets,ισχύς @ 4 Ohm: 2x500W RMS


Κωδικός προϊόντος: D2286 Κατηγορία:


The GIG-1000CFX Mixing Console is packed with features that cannot be found in other consoles of it’s size: 6 mono (provided with ultra-low noise microphone pre amplifiers and Phantom Power at +48 Volt ) and 4 stereo input channels. Each of them are provided with a 3-band equalizer for HI, MID and LOW controls, as well as 2 auxiliary control, build-in 24-bit DSP effect with 100 presets, highly accurate 12-segment bar graph meters and 2-track inputs assignable to main mix, control room/phones or group outputs. The built-in Amplifier provides 2x 500W Power for your speakers. It is routed directly from the main mix, with the possibility to re-patch the amplifier so it can be used for either your Group outputs ore Auxiliary output. To top it all of the GIG-1000CFX is easy expandable with optional MP3 player, MP3 recorder or Bluetooth module on the top.

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